Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges

Although Covid-19 temporarily put a stop to many sponsored challenges and events, it also showed us that we could find new ways to achieve our goals and has opened up so many more opportunities to take part in challenges across the globe!

BBS is pleased to be offering a variety of exciting and different virtual challenges that the whole family can get involved in!

Check out our challenges below and if you want more information before you get involved, contact our Lucy on or call 01926 424247

The Everest Challenge - Challenge yourself to climb Mount Everest in 12 weeks!

Image shows a medal with Climb Everest and a picture of a mountain engraved into it

Registration fee: £13 

Can you climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in 12 weeks? In this challenge, you can go out to the hills on your daily exercise or simply tackle the stairs a couple of times every day..... achieve 8,848m of elevation gain, and this well-earned medal will be yours!

Click here for more information on The Everest Challenge

Wimbledon Common Half Marathon Image shows a medal with a Womble and windmill engraved

Registration fee: £20

Hands up who wants a medal with a Womble on? All you need to do is run or walk a half-marathon wherever and whenever you like and this prestigious medal will be yours!

Click here for more information on the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon

Walk or run the Inca Trail!

Registration fee: £13 Image shows a medal with an Incan symbol of a sun engraved into it

The Inca Trail is a world famous high altitude trail through Peru, starting at what is known as Kilometre 82 and culminating 25 miles later at Machu Pichu – The Lost City of the Incas. Famous for gold and the stone cities they built, the Incas were an ancient civilisation who existed in the 15th and 16th centuries – the Inca Trail traces their footsteps through the high peaks of the Andes Mountains.

We have taken inspiration from the Inca gold, stone and the Inca cross to create the amazing medal for our latest event – The Inca Trail. So if you would like to get your hands on one of these Inca treasures, run or walk 25 miles. You can complete the distance in one or as many efforts as you choose. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it at high altitude… but if you do we’d recommend getting a group of Porters to carry you!

Click here for more information on The Inca Trail Challenge

Team Gotham

Registration fee: £13 Image shows a medal with an image of Batman engraved into the front

Not all superheroes wear capes.....some have to fight crime in isolation! Take part in Team Gotham and earn your superhero badge (medal)!

The Dark Knight is currently recruiting new members, so it is time to get out there and run, run (5k) like you have seen the bat sign in the sky summoning you, like you are Dell-boy and Rodders on the mean streets of South London, or like you are late to meet Robin...

Click here for more information on Team Gotham