Tobias's Story

Tobias is one of our members and participated at our National Youth Swim gala. Here's his parent's review of the day... 

What a day we had! The best thing for Tobias was getting a gold medal! For me and my husband it was the atmosphere and huge sense of support that the organisers and swimmers gave each other.

He was extremely nervous before the gala and very nearly didn’t get changed. He was a little apprehensive with the other swimmers as it was apparent that some already knew each other. However, once he had registered and the coach had asked him to join in the relay event he was fine. After the event he was so proud of himself! Tobias says that he went away from the event and felt much more “I can” than “I can’t” and distinctly remembers having to ring grandmas and aunties to tell them that he got a gold medal.

Since the swimming gala, Tobias is still swimming and it has given him the confidence to enter local competitions with his swimming club.

BBS and the events offered give children such a wonderful opportunity to have a go at sports that they may not feel confident at trying otherwise with great support and understanding. To get that buzz of participation, you cannot put a price on working as team and feeling proud, whatever the result.

Tobias loves sport and we feel gives him much more confidence and self-esteem. He says that it has helped him make friends at school and that he always finds that he can talk to somebody about things like the football scores, even if he did not know them before.