This Girl Can returns to inspire women to be active nationwide

On Friday the 26th October, Sport England relaunched the latest phase of its This Girl Can campaign, Fit Got Real, which aims to tackle the inequalities in the levels of exercise between different social groups of women.

1.6 million fewer women than men take part in sport on a regular basis, and in addition to this, sports participation is low among people with a visual impairment, even when compared with other disability groups.

British Blind Sport are supporting this campaign, aiming to raise awareness of the opportunities for visually impaired women to take part in physical activity and bring balance to the inequalities of exercise levels and representation of women in sport.

In addition to this, BBS will take advantage of this campaign to bring attention to the simple solutions to creating accessible sports opportunities and the cost effective options for activity providers to better promote and adapt their inclusive offers to further engage this audience.

Research published by British Blind Sport and Women In Sport in 2016, ‘Small Changes, Big Differences’, highlights simple solutions that sports providers can apply in making physical activity more accessible for VI women.

For more information on the project and activities visit the This Girl Can website You can also join the conversation by using the hashtags #ThisGirlCan and #FitGotReal to keep up to date on the campaign’s progress and find out what is happening near you.

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Read more about This Girl Can from the Activity Alliance here:

Download the full research, ‘Small Changes, Big Differences”, here: