Tenpin Bowling Primary Club British Pairs Finals 2019 marks another great year for the British Blind Sport Tenpin Section

Once again, we have had a brilliant few days here in Sheffield and Rotherham with the 12 best teams from the winter pairs league fighting it out in the British Pairs Final 2019.  The competition and the awards dinner went smoother than any of us could have imagined - except for a minor mishap with one of the winner’s trophies and one of the Primary Club representatives but we’ll not mention any names (...Smile). Image shows 4 men stood together, two of which are sharing a trophy - the winners of the Pairs Finals!

This year’s event was a very close affair, but in the end the standout team on the day was Beer Money from Birmingham, becoming Primary Club British Pairs Champions for the first time! The team consisted of Paul Capper and Iain Doherty.

Paul and Iain were followed closely in second place by Meteors of Gloucester (Derek Bishop and Paul Farmer), who had Viscount Wizards C (Darren and Buffy Hartland) from Blackpool hanging on to their coat tails in third place.  The highest scorer for the men on the day was Dave Wood of Up Against It from Taunton, with a very respectable 208 and for the ladies we had Lucy Mabey of Somerset Rebels with a score of 159.

Image sees a lady standing with a man. She is holding a certificate and trophy


On behalf of everyone involved in the event, I would like to say a massive thanks you to the Primary Club for their continued support as without you this event would not be possible, you help us bring so many people together to take part in a sport that we love!  A huge thank you goes out to John Spalton and Dave Bentley too, who turn up year after year and take pride in helping us with the presentation of our awards.

We look forward to another successful year in 2020 and welcoming plenty more members to the Tenpin Bowling section.

By Lee Hartley, British Blind Sport Tenpin Section Member