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Success for the BBS Tenpin Section at the IBSA World Games 2023!

We sent a small squad to the Games and the team, consisting of Tony Clark (Coach), Lucy Mabey, Alan Mabey and Natalie Shaw, took part in the 3 events which were the Singles, Pairs and Trios. Whilst the bowling conditions were quite difficult to get used to, Great Britain came away from the competition with two medals. Both these medals were won by Lucy Mabey. One silver, in the B2 Ladies Singles, and the other (a bronze) for the B2 Ladies All-Events. A massive congratulations to Lucy for this fantastic achievement on her international debut.

The IBSA World Games were a fantastic success and it was a great feeling to be part of such an exciting event, especially on home ground.

2023 has been a very mixed year for the Tenpin Section. Due to the ongoing saga with the industrial action of Network Rail, and the various train companies, BBS Tenpin were forced to cancel the Westfield Trios Tournament in May 2023, as none of the competitors could get home on the Saturday. As a result of the continuing industrial action, we have also had to delay the November Primary Club Pairs finals.

Both competitions will now take place as part of a three-day event in Sheffield in May 2024. The bowlers that qualified for the May 2023 Trios competition, will bowl on the Thursday, with the qualifiers of the Primary Club Pairs tournament, which has just begun, will bowl their final on the Friday, with the awards dinner and presentations taking place on the same evening. The Tenpin Committee and I look forward to welcoming all the competitors for both of these events in Sheffield next May.

Tony Clark
British Blind Sport Tenpin Chair