Covid-19 Pandemic: Help people with sight loss get active at home #SightLossActive


With current Government advice recommending against non-essential contact and all unnecessary travel, British Blind Sport is joining with Sport England and encouraging our VI service users to #StayInWorkOut. We've teamed up with local deliverers and VI friendly activity providers to bring you a variety of at-home workouts and routines to keep you healthy and active from the comfort of your front room!

If you want something to help build and tone muslce, then you've come to the right place! We've created these videos so that they can be done easily at home, with everyday equipment you can find aroud your house!

No dumbbells? No problem! Reach for the tins in the cupboard, fill up some 1 litre water bottles or grab a rucksack full of books...these workouts are designed to be accessible to everyone so work with what you've got and get sweating!

We've been working with inclusive instructors to bring you live, audio-led workouts via Zoom. For more information on our live workouts, visit our Facebook group here: British Blind Sport Stay In Work Out.


First up, we have a 40 minute class from Nick Jones, PT and owner of The Lakeside Fitness Studio. Nick takes us through a strength class working all areas of the body. There are regressions and progressions depending on your level of fitness, so it is suitable and adapatable for all abilities!

Here's another 40 minute Strength and Tone session from The Lakeside Fitness Studio! Get ready to blast your abs, lower body and upper body all in one workout!! You can use optional weights if you want to make this one harder, but that isn't necessary - we guarantee you'll be sweating either way!

We hope you enjoy these accessible workouts and continue to stay active and healthy whilst at home. Whilst we are happy and excited to bring you new activities via virtual delivery, we are a charitable organisation and would appreciate any donations you can make to allow us to keep providing this content for free.

Whilst British Blind Sport is working hard to share accessible content which allows our members and followers to stay active in their home environments, we can accept no responsibility for any harm or injury that befalls you whilst taking part in any of our suggested activities.

The resources on this site are intended to assist visitors in personal efforts to stay healthy and active and should not be construed as medical or clinical advice. Please stop your activity immediately if you feel any pain or dizziness and consult a health care professional.