Gentle Exercise

Gentle Exercise

With current Government advice recommending against non-essential contact and all unnecessary travel, British Blind Sport is joining with Sport England and encouraging our VI service users to #StayInWorkOut. We've teamed up with local deliverers and VI friendly activity providers to bring you a variety of at-home workouts and routines to keep you healthy and active from the comfort of your front room!

Our Gentle Exercise section is perfect for anyone who is just starting out on their activity journey, who any senior members and followers who want something slow and steady but will still have an impact!

Whether it's a simple warm up, or a Lower Body and Balance class to work on vital competencies which we can lose as we get older or less active, we've got the perfect routines for you.

This page is still under construction and will be updated as we gather more content together, but give our current routines a try and let us know how you get on!

We have a full Gentle Workout Set below!

This set includes a 20 minute light warm up, 20 minute Lower Body and Balance, 20 minute Cardio and 20 minute Upper Body and core!

You can download the audio file and transcript here: Gentle-Workout-Set

The audio downloads include the audio description for the workout itself, the audio description for each individual exercise or movement and the transcript of the workout for anyone who would prefer to read the instructions.

These workout routines were kindly shared with us by Blind Alive, for the full series of workouts please visit

We hope you enjoy these accessible workouts and continue to stay active and healthy whilst at home. Whilst we are happy and excited to bring you new activities via virtual delivery, we are a charitable organisation and would appreciate any donations you can make to allow us to keep providing this content for free.