Sports Skills Sessions

Sports Skills Sessions

Covid-19 Pandemic: Help people with sight loss get active at home #SightLossActive

Sports Skills Session

We've teamed up with local deliverers and VI friendly activity providers to bring you a variety of at-home workouts and routines to keep you healthy and active from the comfort of your front room!

Our latest collection of Active At Home sessions are all based around learning sport-specific skills and activities with minimal equipment.

We want everyone to be able to learn new skills and take part, so all of our sports skills sessions have the option to use different household items in place of the standard equipment pieces!

We've also been working with inclusive instructors to bring our users live, audio-led workouts via Zoom. For more information on our live workouts, visit our Facebook group here: British Blind Sport: Active At Home.


This 25 minute hockey session comes from Flyerz Hockey Club! All you'll need to take part is a hockey stick or something similar - whether that's a cane, walking stick or even a wrapping paper tube! - and a small ball of some sort!


This Rugby class was initially recorded for National Fitness Day to get schools active!

This 30 minute session is a great introduction to the game of rugby, so don't worry if you've not got any experience! For this introductory Rugby session, all you need is some space to work in which is clear of obstacles or obstructions and an audible ball of some kind...whether that's a Jangles ball, a bean bag or some rice in a blown up balloon...get creative!


We have two videos from Mark at the Lawn Tennis Association to give you some skills and drills you can practice at home to improve your Tennis!

For both videos, there are various ways to join in. There are sectionsthat require just an audible ball and sections for both an audible ball and a racket,. If you haven't got an audible ball, you can join in simply with a blown up balloon with rice in it!

This first video is a great introductory session with some ideas for drills that will improve your tennis - or give you some basic skills if you're brand new to the sport!

In this second video, Mark gives you lots of skills exercise you can do with a partner from the comfort of your living room or garden!!

You'll need an audible balloon or tennis ball and a tennis racket, so grab your equipment and a partner and give this video a go to help improve your Tennis skills!