British Blind Sport Safeguarding

British Blind Sport has robust safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure the safeguarding of children and adults who attend our events and activities.

British Blind Sport Lead Safeguarding Statement
British Blind Sport has the responsibility for creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in British Blind Sport events. I am therefore delighted to present our Safeguarding Policies.

As a national disability sports organisation, British Blind Sport has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that the highest possible standard of care is provided for everyone involved in the sport. Therefore, through the development, communication and implementation of these policies we aim to maintain and increase the professionalism, and safeguards of good practice that have been set as standard throughout our sporting landscape.

We have actively highlighted throughout the policies, that it is the responsibility of everyone within British Blind Sport to highlight areas of abuse and/or poor practice and to act in response to any concerns.

These policies have been developed by drawing on recognised good practice in safeguarding in sport.  Reference has been made to relevant legislation, key guidance and government policy and we give special thanks to NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit and The Anne Craft Trust for their support and guidance in creating our safe guarding policies.

By developing policies and procedures such as these, British Blind Sport is demonstrating its commitment to establishing a safe environment where all participants in our sports can be supported to achieve these outcomes.

Alaina MacGregor

British Blind Sport Lead Safeguarding Officer
Contact our Lead Safeguarding Officer to report a potential safeguarding issue or find out more information on BBS Safeguarding policies.

Office number: 01926 424247
Mobile: 07929 356428

British Blind Sport Deputy Safeguarding Officer
You can also contact our Safeguarding Officer for general questions or advice on Safeguarding policies, documents, and processes.

Office Tel: 01926 424 247

If you need urgent support and you cannot reach a designated Safeguarding Officer, please call the NSPCC 24-hour helpline on 0808 800 5000. If it is an emergency and a child or children are at immediate risk, please call the emergency services or Children’s Social Care in your area. 

Download the BBS Child Safeguarding Policy here

Download the BBS Adult Safeguarding Policy here

Code of Conduct and Online Safety Guidance.

British Blind Sport Online Safety Guidance
The guidance provides information on how our organisation uses the internet and social media, and the procedures for doing so. It also outlines how we expect the staff who work for us, and the children and adults who are members and service users of our organisation, to behave online. As an organisation, we commit to implementing these procedures and addressing any concerns quickly and within these guidelines.

Download the BBS Online Safety Guidance here 

Code of Conduct
The code aims to make sure that everyone that takes part in a BBS activity knows what is expected of them and feels safe, respected and valued. We will ensure that everyone taking part has seen, understood and agreed to follow the code and that they understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. We expect people who take part in our activities to display appropriate behaviour at all times. This includes behaviour that takes place outside our organisation and behaviour that takes place online.

Download the BBS Code of Conduct here