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Active Beyond Education?

Active Beyond Education?

At the forefront of developing research into VI sport participation, British Blind Sport utilise this insight to develop our services and support partners to meet the needs of VI people in sport.

British Blind Sport are committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities across the sporting landscape for people living with sight loss. Conversely, being encouraged to get involved in sport and enjoying the expertise of a coach who can confidently work with a VI person can literally be life changing for everyone involved.

Please find a list of our research reports below.

Active Beyond Education?

This 2015 research study explores young disabled people's experiences of sport and physical activity during the transition from education to adulthood. Active Beyond Education? was commissioned by six of the UK's National Disability Sports Organisations, in partnership with Activity Alliance and supported by Sport England. The research aims were to:

  • Better understand reasons for the decline on disabled people's participation in sport and physical activity, during the transition from education to adulthood.
  • Recommend how to promote and maintain engagement in sport and physical activity among young disabled people.

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