Recreational cycling

Recreational cycling

Recreational Cycling

If you’re interested in getting involved in cycling recreationally, there are many organisations that provide links to cycling groups and offer tandem bikes to hire. Organisations that provide links to cycling groups and offer tandem bikes to hire.

Wheels for Wellbeing exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling.  For more information visit the Wheels for Wellbeing website.

Charlotte's Tandems lend, at no cost (i.e. for free), tandems and tag-alongs to (and only to) people with disabilities or additional needs, who are unable to ride a bike safely on their own, so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling For more information visit the Charlotte's Tandems website. 

British Cycling is launching disability cycling hubs across the country to improve access to the sport for people with a disability and ensure that those wanting to improve their cycling performance receive the support they need. For more information visit the British Cycling website.

A London based cycling company has developed a complete guide to safer cycling to help make road cyclists more aware of the risks involved involved with the popular recreational activity with tips on how to make your experience safer. The guide is not specific to a VI audience, however it does share some useful tips on how to stay safe on the roads. Read The Definitive Guide To Safer Cycling here.

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