Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan posing withRashid Khan

BBS Member Rashid Khan is an aspiring Personal Trainer in Manchester. He tells us what inspires him to keep fit, stay active and to forge a new career in the industry:

‘Being Visually Impaired (VI) can make everyday tasks challenging, but my passion for keeping fit and healthy enables me to tackle many of those challenges head on.

I go to the gym regularly for my physical and mental wellbeing. From having the motivation to get up and out of the house, to making my own way to the gym and being committed to the workout, I overcome all these obstacles.

I’ve been playing cricket for the Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Cricket Club since 2011 and also play Goalball with them. I’ve also recently started boxing training.

The discipline I need to participate in all these activities gives me strength of character, builds my confidence and gives me determination to lead a fully functioning, content and happy life.

My love of sport inspired me to complete a Level 2 Fitness Instruction and Self Development course. This course has given me the knowledge, confidence and drive to go on to achieve a level 3 Personal Training qualification.

With this, my primary aim is to be a Personal Trainer who can help and inspire others to overcome their own challenges, whether that be low self-esteem, lack of confidence or having a disability like me.

At times I have had to dig deep and show a lot of grit and determination to overcome my obstacles to achieve my goals. I would like to share my achievement with others in order to inspire others, whether they have disabilities or not.

If anyone would like help, support or training or even just nutritional advice then please feel free to contact Rashid.
Email: rashidk@hotmail.co.uk or call: 07565 669 723.