Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Anne Holloway, British Blind Sport Volunteer

Anne is a much valued member of the Team at British Blind Sport and volunteers weekly to support our membership services and other administrative activities. She has received the Torch Trophy Trust Volunteers Award in 2015 for her amazing contribution to the charity, an organisation that recognises the achievements of some of the UK’s most outstanding volunteers.

Anne's Story

Anne HollowayI've been volunteering with BBS since September 2012. I volunteered for BBS because I'd seen The Blind Ashes played at Leamington Cricket Club and then saw Goalball at the Paralympics. Inspired by this, I researched British Blind Sport and couldn't believe my luck when I found head office was here in Leamington, and the rest is history!

What I enjoy most is that I'm making a difference and also the work is so different from teaching (my previous profession). When it's time to finish, I can go home knowing I’ve made a difference, but not necessarily taking the work home with me. I try to recommend volunteering to others as often as I can because it gives the week some structure, it gets you out and you meet some lovely people.

Rosemary Way, British Blind Sport Volunteer

Rosemary has fast become a core operational member of the British Blind Sport team and volunteers weekly to support with updating databases, including membership applications, sight classifications and Gift Aid claims.

She joined BBS after a career in recruitment in sectors spanning transport, engineering, advertising, the police and the NHS. She has always been keen on sport and fitness and enjoys being able to make a contribution and “visible difference” in a sector she is new to.

Rosemary also volunteers as a home visitor for Warwickshire Vision Support so supporters her local VI community.

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