Be inspired

Be Inspired

For our members, sport means so much. They come together, push themselves to their our own personal limits and support each other to tackle challenges and celebrate personal records.

Here are just some of their stories:

BBS Member and Trustee Laura Turner playing Goalball

Laura Turner

I have Congenital Coloboma, Microphthalmia, Nystagmus and a small amount of cataract that effect both eyes. I was introduced to BBS and athletics and was selected to represent the GB at the IBSA Youth Games. Sport means so much to me. It's made me part of who I am today; strong, confident and determined.

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Jessica Dries and horse showjumping

Jessica Dries

At the age of seven I developed a genetic eye condition called Macular Dystrophy for which there is no cure or correction. I am unable to lead a normal life… but I can ride horses!

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Rashid Khan in boxing gloves

Rashid Khan

Being Visually Impaired (VI) can make everyday tasks challenging, but my passion for keeping fit and healthy enables me to tackle many of those challenges head on. My love of sport inspired me to complete a Level 2 Fitness Instruction and Self Development course.

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Carmel Bassett playing Archery

Carmel Bassett

I was born with my eye condition. I have mystagmus, photophobia, border line glaucoma and albinism. I went along to a BBS Archery coaching weekend and I was hooked!  I qualified to go to the World Para Archery Champs in 2015. Here I amazed myself and got a bronze medal in the VI Category.

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Tobias swimming

Tobias Pilkington

Tobias' mother tells us about his success at the BBS National Youth Swimming Gala, competing against children his own age and a new found love of sport.

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