What is visually impaired tennis?

Visually impaired tennis is one of the faster growing VI sports in the UK with more and more opportunities for people who are blind or partially sighted to get involved. Players are classified according to their visual ability, ranging from B1 (totally blind) to B5. The visually impaired version of tennis is similar to mainstream tennis with only a few adaptations.

How do I play visually impaired tennis?

The ball is larger than a regular tennis ball and with ball bearings in the centre which make a sound as the ball bounces on the ground. The game can be played on a smaller court using shorter rackets with more bounces depending on your level of sight. For more information on visually impaired tennis and the rules please check the Tennis Foundation’s Guide to Visually Impaired Tennis for the accessible version please click here.

Where can I play?

More and more visually impaired tennis sessions are starting up across the UK every month.

The Tennis Foundation have an interactive session finder which includes all visually impaired sessions in England, Scotland and Wales for an accessible version please click here. They also run regional and national competitions as well as events and camps (for more information please visit
To find out more about VI tennis and playing opportunities please email the Tennis Foundation on