Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling

What is visually impaired Tenpin?

Tenpin bowling is a sport played by visually impaired people of all ages and abilities. We encourage people to play at the level they want, whether competitively or recreationally. If you want to meet new people and stay active, then tenpin bowling could be the ideal sport for you.

How do I play visually impaired Tenpin?

Visually impaired tenpin bowling has a few alterations to make it accessible for blind and partially sighted people. However, these are not drastic changes and will still allow you to play with your sighted friends too.

  • Handicap system: Provides a fair and equal competition regardless of sight level
  • Lane glancers (barriers): Makes the sport more competitive and enjoyable
  • Sighted assistant: Helps with aiming and ensures a safe playing environment

A big problem with playing sport against other teams is travel, but not with tenpin bowling. You can play teams from all around the country without leaving your local tenpin bowling centre, via our postal leagues. After you have played, you print off the score sheets and send them to the league’s secretary, and then match results are compiled according to the league schedule.

Where can I play visually impaired Tenpin?

There are a number of visually impaired tenpin teams around the country, competing in leagues and tournaments or playing it as a hobby. To find your nearest club or if you want more information about tenpin, email info@britishblindsport.org.uk 

To compete in the leagues and tournaments, you will need a sight classification. This ensures all of the players are playing in a fair and equal competition. Classifications can often be expensive, but if you become a British Blind Sport member, sight classifications for these competitions are included for free!

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