Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling

What is visually impaired tenpin?

Tenpin or tenpin bowling commonly referred to as “bowling,” is a sport that blind and partially sighted people of all ages, genders and abilities can enjoy! Players take turns rolling a heavy bowling ball down a wood or synthetic lane towards ten pins positioned evenly in four rows in an equilateral triangle at the far end of the lane.

The lane should be around 105 centimetres wide and 18 meters long. There is a foul line near the bowler, if the bowler crosses the line, it is considered a foul. Bowlers have 10 frames to knock down the pins. The bowlers are allowed two rolls from frames 1 to 9. The last frame, the tenth frame, can have up to three rolls.

For scoring, there are three kinds of marks: a strike, when all the ten pins are down during the first ball; spare when all the pins are knocked down by the second ball; and open, when there are still pins standing. The maximum score for a game of bowling is 300. To score that, you have to get strikes in the first nine frames, and then three more in the final frame for a total of 12. The bowler with the most points at the end wins.

How do I play visually impaired tenpin?

Visually impaired tenpin bowling has a few alterations to make it accessible for blind and partially sighted people. However, these are not drastic changes and will allow you to play with your sighted friends too.

  • Handicap system: Provides a fair and equal competition regardless of sight level.
  • Lane glancers (barriers): Makes the sport more competitive and enjoyable.
  • Sighted assistant: Helps with aiming and ensures a safe playing environment.

Where can I play visually impaired tenpin?

There are several visually impaired tenpin teams around the country, competing in leagues and tournaments or playing it as a hobby. Contact your local bowling alley or use our Activity Finder to search for your nearest club. For more information on tenpin, email info@britishblindsport.org.uk

Join British Blind Sport's tenpin League!

A big problem with playing sport against other teams is travel, but not with tenpin bowling! You can play teams from all around the country without leaving your local tenpin bowling centre, via our postal league. Teams compete in doubles, trios or as satellite individuals. BBS publishes a fixture list at the start of each season, with approximately 10 rounds per league. Each team submits their results to the league secretary, who matches them with their scheduled opponents. The results are then published on the BBS website. BBS also hosts National Championships, a Summer Doubles league and a Winter Trio league.

You must have a sight classification to compete in leagues and tournaments. Classifications ensure fair competition. If you join our league programme and become a BBS member, you will receive a classification for these competitions for free!

For more information or to join, contact: info.bbstenpin@gmail.com

British Blind Sport Tenpin Bowling Results

BBS Westfield Trio's 21/22

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