What is visually impaired golf?

Golf is a sport for all. Players use golf clubs to hit the golf ball towards the green where they will then aim to putt the ball into the cup. You can play individually or with a group of up to 4 players for a round. You can also play for as many holes as you would like up to 18 in a round.

How do I play visually impaired golf?

Golf can be played with players with all levels of visual impairment. Those with more profound visual impairment may require a guide to help position the player in order to take the shot. Guides advise on the distance to the hole and position the player for direction but it is the player that chooses the club they wish to use and makes the swing themselves.

To compete nationally and internationally players must have a B3, B2 or B1 classification for sight loss. You can play within your club or just against your friends without a classification.

Jay Cookson is a visually impaired golfer. Watch this video to find out why he loves the game of golf.

Where can I take part in visually impaired golf?

There are many ways you can get involved in golf:

Get into Golf

If you would like to find a golf centre to start learning golf, we provide Get into Golf activity at centres across the country.

Find your nearest centre: Get into Golf website.

County & Club competitions

There are opportunities to play within your club and county competition. There is a pathway for players to compete nationally through England and Wales Blind Golf. For more information on competitive opportunities, please contact England and Wales Blind Golf via email:

Further information

For general information relating to visually impaired golf please contact England Golf:

Telephone: 01526 354 500