Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing & Kayaking

What is Canoeing?

Canoeing is a sport that can be enjoyed recreationally or competitively. Canoeing involves paddling a canoe with a single bladed paddle. A Kayak generally has a closed cockpit and one or two people each with a double ended paddle.

How I do get involved in Canoeing/ Kayaking?

Only minor adaptations need to be considered for an individual who is blind or partially sighted. This could be either being paired with a sighted guide in a neighboring boat or by sitting in the rear seat of a tandem kayak. There are also adaptive boats with outriggers that may prevent a visually impaired paddler from loosing stabilisation.

Where can I get involved in Canoeing/Kayaking?

For more information on Canoeing/ Kayaking visit the GB Canoeing website or email: