Making community walks accessible to VI walkers

Making community walks accessible to VI walkers

British Blind Sport is excited to announce the launch of a new set of guidelines, designed to support and enable people with visual impairments to take part in group-walking activities.

According to the Activity Alliance, 90% of people living with a visual impairment are not meeting the Chief Medical Officers guidelines for physical activity. This means that they are at risk of developing serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These new guidelines are set out to encourage walking groups of any ability to get outdoors, welcoming and supporting visually impaired walkers to get active whilst also sharing advice to make walking groups more inclusive for people living with a visual impairment.

British Blind Sport has teamed up with Walking for Health, which is England’s largest network of free health walks, along with Sensing Nature and Dr Karis Petty, to produce a guide to help people understand how walks can be made safe and accessible for people living with sight loss. The advice features a series of ‘top tips’ for welcoming, supporting and sharing walking experiences with sight impaired walkers, including creating opportunities to set up new walking routes.

man walking in the British countryside

This useful guide also explores why schemes like Walking for Health can be beneficial for people living with sight loss, raising awareness of the importance of tailored support, in both specialist and mainstream walking groups.

Download the guidelines today and find out how walking groups can be made more accessible, helping people with a visual impairment get active, whilst also experiencing nature.

Download Word Document version here.

Download PDF version here.