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Since BBS was established in 1975, we have enabled more than 100,000 visually impaired (VI) people to experience and take part in sport and recreational activities.

It is our mission to help create a more inclusive society where everyone with sight loss has the same opportunities as sighted people to access an active lifestyle. At BBS, we know that sport serves as a powerful springboard towards greater opportunities, helping people to lead more active and independent lives which is essential for improved physical health, happiness and wellbeing. Please help us to make this a reality by making any donation you can.

Roy Turnham coaching a Junior BBS Member in Blind Football

Regular donation

By making a regular donation to British Blind Sport you could improve a visually impaired person’s life. Regular donations are simple and easy to set up and will make a real difference.

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Tandem cycling

One off donation

All donations, no matter how small can help us to make sport accessible for everyone. If you can donate a one off payment then this would be hugely appreciated.

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