Lyn Street

Lyn Street

Lyn Street

Image shows Lyn in a dance studio lined up with other women in the middle of a dance classPhysical activity has always been important to Lyn – and then Coronavirus threatened to derail her active life until she discovered British Blind Sport’s online workouts!

Lyn retired in 2017 after 28 years as a physiotherapist followed by 10 years working as an advocate for disabled people. She has a genetic condition which has led to a malformation of her retina. This means that Lyn sees best in low light and uses glasses much of the time. Whilst she can’t read print or see details, she does have a useful level of guiding vision.

“Being fit and active is a key part of who I am.”

Lyn has been a member of a local gym for many years and is also a keen line dancer (both attending classes and as a teacher). Lyn also enjoys walking and aims to go for a long walk – often 8 miles or more – once a week. Every winter she goes cross-country ski-ing which demands a good level of physical fitness.

“I am not defined by my eye condition and I want to help other people get active and let them know just how much is possible”

Image shows a photo of Lyn joining in with a virtual workout, wearing a t-shirt reading Tribe BBS

When lockdown came into place across the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Lyn knew that she’d need to find new ways of being challenged so she bought an exercise bike, took part in Yoga sessions and joined in with the Body Coach. However, Lyn needed more and that’s when she discovered BBS’ Live Workout classes which offer an audio-described and more interactive experience.

The first Live Workout class that Lyn joined in with was a Strength and Tone session with personal trainer Nick Jones – who is visually impaired himself. Since that first session, Lyn has barely missed a Live Workout class over the last 6 months.

“It’s great to have workouts which are audio-led, so you know what you’re supposed to be doing and you can really get into putting your all into it!”

Lyn credits the weekly classes, and the BBS Facebook community, with helping to keep her motivated throughout lockdown and keeping her healthy, both physically and mentally! She is also incredibly grateful to have connected to a fantastic online community, who she hopes to meet in person at some point in the future.

The new trend of online classes also gave Lyn the opportunity to teach some line dancing sessions with the help of British Blind Sport, which were very well received by BBS workout regulars.

Whilst initially the BBS Live Workout classes were a good way for Lyn to keep active during lockdown, they have actually helped Lyn to be more active than ever before! Before Covid-19, Lyn was content to exercise two or three times a week however, Lyn is now exercising most days. Having discovered the fun and challenge which at-home workouts can offer, Lyn has no excuse for not exercising even if she can’t get out the house to exercise like she used to!

“It’s hard to take that first step, but activity really can make you feel better.  Feeling connected is also important and there are opportunities out there for everyone to be active and be more connected.”