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Looking something other than a normal run or bike ride to raise money for charity? Why not combine them by entering a duathlon or triathlon!

Mumbles Duathlon

The Mumbles Duathlon in Swansea consists of running and cycling only! There are two different distances to choose from (the Sprint and the Super Sprint), which makes this a great event for anyone starting on their duathlon or triathlon journey!

Mumbles Sprint: 5k Run – 32k Bike – 5k Run
Mumbles Super Spring: 5k Run – 21k Bike – 3K Run

The running leg takes place along the promenade alongside Mumbles Bay and offers wonderful scenery whilst the cycling is along the beautiful Gower roads.

Whether you’ve already got a place in this event or would like a charity place, BBS would love to have you on our team! This event takes place on Saturday 21st March so there's still plenty of time for training!

To register your interest in taking part for BBS, please click here.

Superhero Tri

The Superhero Tri is an event not quite like any other. Participants are given three distrances to choose from:

Sprint Superhero Tri Team: 150m swim, 3k bike, 1k run
Half Superhero Tri Team: 400m swim, 10.5k bike, 2.5k run
Full Superhero Tri Team: 150m swim, 20k bike, 5k run

Not only that, but there are a variety of ways in which you can take part!
1. Team Up - Let's you unite with others to do a stage each (one person on the team must consider themselves to have a disability)
2. Grab a Sidekick - One person can power their Superhero around the whole course, towing, pushing and pulling!
3. Fly solo - Attempting the whole course start to finish solo (though a sidekick is welcome to keep you company throughout any of the stages!)

It's a great event for family and friends who want to get involved in something together, regardless of ability or stamina! The event takes place on August 15th, so there's plenty of time to get your superheroes ready!

Whether you’ve already got a place in this event or would like a charity place, BBS would love to have you on our team! Please click here to register your interest.

For more information, visit the Superhero Tri website here:

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