Blind Football by Laura Turner

BBS Trustee Laura Turner shares her first hand experience of Blind Football and why you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve kicked it!

‘I once said ‘I won’t try blind-football because I don’t do football’! But, after being persuaded to have a go at the basics earlier this year I held my hands up and admitted ‘that was quite fun, addictive!’

I was put in touch with Philippa Bass at Leicestershire & Rutland FA to find out how I could get involved more; bearing in mind I was female and there are no women’s blind-football teams in the country.

Following coverage of the IBSA European Championships in Berlin made me realise just how skilful this sport is and, how wonderful it would be if women could play in similar tournaments in the future.

Philippa and I met in September and have been concentrating on improving my techniques. I have really enjoyed my introduction to the sport and am excited about the future of women’s blind-football here in England and worldwide… that’s why we are on a mission to get more women, and girls, involved in this unique sport.

Blind-football, like any sport, requires a certain level of fitness but this will improve over time. As will skills to dribble, pass and score goals. We are so lucky to have dedicated and qualified coaches to support blind/visually impaired women to become better players. Additionally, blind-football is fantastic for your mental wellbeing; giving you the opportunity to meet new people and improves self-confidence both on and off the pitch.

Wearing a shirt, shorts, long socks and astro shoes really isn’t that bad! It’s all about the eye-shades and ball; encouraging an inclusive level playing field. Don’t knock it till you’ve kicked it!’

To find out how to get involved please contact Philippa Bass on 07708682612 or email