Activity Finder

Activity Finder


Welcome to the British Blind Sport Activity Finder. Whether you are someone who is fit or sporty and looking for new challenges or you simply want to do more exercise, improve your health or meet people, we hope this will be a useful resource for you.

Below you can search for VI friendly activities in your area. If you are using a screen reader to navigate the pages, please note that to select an activity, you should click on the box, then use the down arrow to locate your preferred activity before pressing enter to select it. This process can be repeated to search for additional activities.

This is our first ever online activity finder so we expect there will be teething problems. If you encounter any problems, we thank you for your patience. Please contact us on to make us aware of any feedback. If you are aware of opportunities not currently registered, help us to share them with our community! Please encourage them to register at

If you are looking for a guide runner, check out our national database