Active At Home

Covid-19 Pandemic: Help people with sight loss get active at home #SightLossActive

Active At Home

At British Blind Sport, we believe that everyone should have access to physical activity, whether you would rather be outside in the open air or exercising in your front room with minimal fuss.

Physical activity is proved to relieve stress, improve mental health and boost the immune system, and we will do our best to continue to help you achieve this.

As such, we're happy to to provide you with some audio-led workouts, covering a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxercise and Strength.

Online Resources

We have a variety of resources already on our website to help you stay active at home. You can find a variety of activities using the links below;

Yoga and Stretch classes

HIIT and Cardio classes

Strength/Weight classes

Pilates and Dance classes

Gentle Exercise classes

Children and Young People classes

We recommend you watch and follow the below Injury Prevention Screening video from Stronglines Physio. This video shows how you can understand the endurance and strength of key muscle groups in your body and strengthen them to prevent or reduce the risk of injury. Following this video alongside our other workout content is a great way to protect against injury and prevent pain whilst exercising.

We hope you enjoy these accessible workouts and continue to stay active and healthy whilst at home. Whilst we are happy and excited to bring you new activities via virtual delivery, we are a charitable organisation and would appreciate any donations you can make to allow us to keep providing this content for free.

We have also created a brand new Facebook group, British Blind Sport: Active At Home  where we are encouraging our followers to swap their at-home workout tips and tricks and become part of the #BBSSquad!

You can join our group here: British Blind Sport: Active At Home

If you need more tips on how to stay fit and healthy at home, have a listen to the webinar we did with Blind Ambition below.

Webinar: Tips on how to stay healthy at home with British Blind Sport.

Blind Ambition is Disability Awareness and Training Consultancy that provides training to organisations to ensure they are able to meet the needs of those who are disabled. You can learn more about Blind Ambition at