Yoga/Stretch classes

Yoga/Stretch classes

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Yoga/Stretch classes

We've teamed up with local deliverers and VI friendly activity providers to bring you a variety of at-home workouts and routines to keep you healthy and active from the comfort of your front room!

Sometimes, you need something a bit more gentle to start off or end the day - and that's where this page will come in handy! Whether you've ran the day before and need a good stretch out or you want to gain some peace of mind and relaxaton with a gentle Yoga flow, we've got what you need!

We've been working with inclusive instructors to bring you live, audio-led workouts via Zoom. For more information on our live workouts, visit our Facebook group here: British Blind Sport: Active At Home


Here we have our collection of Yoga sessions from Synergy Dance. Some were live sessions and some pre-recorded. All are audio-led and perfect for some gentle exercise. Most positions can be done from a seated position, whether on the floor or on a chair, and adaptations are made throughout. They are perfect for beginners and anyone who needs something slow and relaxing to stretch them out.

To view our full Yoga playlist on YouTube, please click here.

The below Yoga class is a live workout we did as part of #WorkoutWednesday. Whilst many of our other Yoga classes are based around stretching and gentle movement, this class takes you through a Sun Salutation sequence and breaks it down into easy to follow chunks. Sun Salutations work the whole body and are great as warm ups or stand alone exercises.


In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, Richard from Inclusive Fitness Training recorded the below Stretch and Relaxation video! The perfect 20 minute session to work on on your breathing and feel calm and stretched out.


In keeping with the relaxed-theme, below we have the recording of a live session we did with Seema from Blind Ambition, where she led us through a beautiful 30 minute guided relaxation and meditation session. This is audio-only, so close your eyes and embrace half an hour of calm and peacefulness.

Other Recommendations

If you are looking for more Yoga or stretching based workouts, we are happy to be able to recommend Blind Alive, who specialise in audio-described workouts.

They have a Gentle Yoga for Beginners session, which you can download here: Gentle-Yoga-for-Beginners

The audio downloads include the audio description for the workout itself, the audio description for each individual exercise or movement and the transcript of the workout for anyone who would prefer to read the instructions.

For the full series of Blind Alive workouts, which range from Cardio and Strength to Yoga, please visit

We hope you enjoy these accessible workouts and continue to stay active and healthy whilst at home. Whilst we are happy and excited to bring you new activities via virtual delivery, we are a charitable organisation and would appreciate any donations you can make to allow us to keep providing this content for free.

Whilst British Blind Sport is working hard to share accessible content which allows our members and followers to stay active in their home environments, we can accept no responsibility for any harm or injury that befalls you whilst taking part in any of our suggested activities.

The resources on this site are intended to assist visitors in personal efforts to stay healthy and active and should not be construed as medical or clinical advice. Please stop your activity immediately if you feel any pain or dizziness and consult a health care professional.