Active at Home with Natalie

Active at Home with Natalie

Active at Home with Natalie

Natalie is kneeling on a workout box and performing a behind-the-neck shoulder press with a barbell.My name is Natalie, and I'm a personal trainer from sunny Scotland! I qualified in June 2020 and started coaching virtually during lockdown before moving to in-person sessions last year.

I got into sport at the age of 21 when I was introduced to goalball. I gained a coaching qualification and, after delivering a few taster sessions, I knew that I wanted to get into fitness as a profession.

Before goalball, I had no idea how adaptable sport could be. I never thought I'd be able to participate, let alone compete! Getting my qualifications and having this knowledge has really changed my lifestyle and goals. I'm currently training for my first triathlon, which will take place in three months!

I got involved in BBS's Active at Home programme when myself and another PT with a visual impairment saw an opportunity to offer classes. I wanted to get involved because I can empathise and understand what members are going through. It is my dream to help others with a visual impairment to reach their fitness goals, whether they are top athletes or complete beginners.

Being a part of the programme has allowed me to share my passion for fitness with others and teach adaptations to make exercise more inclusive. I love that the classes are recorded for those who are unable to attend the live sessions or who want to repeat the workout. I also like that it is accessible to anyone who does not have easy access to a gym or fitness classes in their area.

Don’t be nervous about getting active. I’ve been there and I can honestly say that having fitness in my life has improved my wellbeing and given me more independence. The online classes are designed for people of all fitness levels, and you can pause the video and take a break at any time. We all have to start somewhere and doing little and often is better than doing nothing at all!

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