Gentle Exercise

Gentle Exercise

Covid-19 Pandemic: Help people with sight loss get active at home #SightLossActive

Gentle Exercise

We've teamed up with local deliverers and VI friendly activity providers to bring you a variety of at-home workouts and routines to keep you healthy and active from the comfort of your front room!

Our Gentle Exercise section is perfect for anyone who is just starting out on their activity journey, who any senior members and followers who want something slow and steady but will still have an impact!

Whether it's a simple warm up, or a gentle stretch class to work on vital competencies which we can lose as we get older or less active, we've got the perfect routines for you.

We've been working with inclusive instructors to bring you live, audio-led workouts via Zoom. For more information on our live workouts, visit our Facebook group here: British Blind Sport: Active At Home.

First up, we have the  Stretch and Wake Up workout session which Inclusive Fitness Training delivered live for BBS. This session will get you feeling stretched our and energised, whilst raising your heart rate just a little and waking you up for the day ahead!

Please click here to access our full range of Gentle Workouts on our YouTube page.

The first workout is 25 minutes and audio-only. It's a great way to get the bloody pumping first thing in the morning, but is low-impact and agreat introduction to physical activity.

The below video was initially recorded for us for Mental Health Awareness Day and is focussed on helping you to relax, stretch out your muscles and focus on your breathing. It's a great one for destressing but also for doing a bit of movement and activity when you want something low-intensity.

Looking for a way to use all those tins in your cupboards?! Friend of BBS, Odette, has come up with her Baked Bean Workouts. No weights, no worries, grab those tinned tomatoes and get active! You can find the rest of Odette's workouts on her YouTube channel here. 

Other Recommendations

Blind Alive

If you are looking for more gentle exercises, we are happy to be able to recommend Blind Alive, who specialise in audio-described workouts.

You can download their Gentle Workout set here: Gentle-Workout-Set .  This set includes a 20 minute light warm up, 20 minute Lower Body and Balance, 20 minute Cardio and 20 minute Upper Body and core!

The audio downloads include the audio description for the workout itself, the audio description for each individual exercise or movement and the transcript of the workout for anyone who would prefer to read the instructions.

For the full series of Blind Alive workouts, which range from Cardio and Strength to Yoga, please visit


10Today provide 10 minute, audio and video gentle exercise routines, designed by and for older people. These are also perfect for anyone new or returning to physical activity after a long break.

Each routine provides engaging and easy to follow routines that are a great way of staying active within your own home.  They can be done at any time, whether standing up or sitting down, and are adaptable to different fitness levels.

For the full series of 10Today workouts, you can visit:

We hope you enjoy these accessible workouts and continue to stay active and healthy whilst at home. Whilst we are happy and excited to bring you new activities via virtual delivery, we are a charitable organisation and would appreciate any donations you can make to allow us to keep providing this content for free.

Whilst British Blind Sport is working hard to share accessible content which allows our members and followers to stay active in their home environments, we can accept no responsibility for any harm or injury that befalls you whilst taking part in any of our suggested activities.

 The resources on this site are intended to assist visitors in personal efforts to stay healthy and active and should not be construed as medical or clinical advice. Please stop your activity immediately if you feel any pain or dizziness and consult a health care professional.